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Identity Professionals - Subject Matter Experts, Consultants, Engineers, Scientists

IDTP has over 250 years of combined biometric technology experience, and is approaching 200 years of identity management program and technology experience within the firm.

IDTP professionals have applied their knowledge to the effective use of smart cards, PKI, and biometrics technologies to achieve stronger authentication security in large-scale programs. Our insight and understanding of these challenging systems and their operations is the result of many years of contributing to the success of pioneering programs in personal identification and credentialing.

Our select team of identity management professionals includes business leaders, consultants, engineers, and scientists with proven subject-matter expertise, including IEEE Certified Biometrics Professionals (CBP), Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals (CSCIP), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Project Management Professionals (PMP), and degreed Biometric Systems Engineers from accredited universities. Our award-winning subject matter expertise and program management performance in identity management ensures success in the development of effective identity solutions and the competent fulfillment of program goals.