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Identity Technology - Advancing Security, Protecting Privacy, Improving Trust

We are a unique partnership of individuals dedicating our experience, energy, and technical expertise to a new generation of identification technology solutions. Our intrinsic knowledge of biometrics and smart card technology, integrated systems, and access security solutions is acquired from numerous deployed programs and ongoing industry involvement. Our distinctive set of identity experts and capabilities allows us to support meaningful programs that can save lives and strengthen security.

Company History

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IDTP is a leading engineering and consulting firm specialized in the critical elements of identification systems, and we provide objective, unbiased support for system design, development, operation and deployment. IDTP is classified as a small business. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We deliver unique support capabilities to large-scale biometrics and advanced identification initiatives and related technology industries. Our clients include agencies of the U.S. federal government, Fortune 500 companies, and other commercial businesses.

IDTP's Purpose and Vision

IDTP enhances the security, welfare, and protection of people, their privacy, and their assets by improving identification technologies and policies. We are dedicated to strengthening personal and national security through biometrics and identity technology, and we value our opportunities to support impactful work initiatives:

IDTP’s Principles

We understand the critical nature of our work and the impact it has on individuals' security and privacy. Our efforts are guided by IDTP's foundational business principles: