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Biometric and Identification Technology Publications and Presentations

IDTP’s library includes white papers and publications containing research, analysis, and findings on biometrics, forensics, smart cards, and identification. The resources in our library are free and available for download.

Research and Analysis

Our experts conduct research and analysis on large-scale biometric data and technologies at government facilities and at IDTP's Conference and Technology Center.

Biometric Testing

“Biometric testing: What can be learned from NIST and IDTP analysis results?”

Charlie Wilson presents an informative overview of NIST’s and IDTP biometric testing activities including FBI IAFIS performance analysis, vendor SDK and matching engine performance, ANSI template interoperability, multimodal effects and statistical performance analysis. Mr. Wilson also correlates actual performance measurements from real biometric systems to measurements in the laboratory, and shares his perspectives on the state of biometric testing with recognized areas of strength and suggested areas for improvement.

“Automatic Fingerprint Slap Segmentation Error Detection without Human Intervention”

A statistical machine learning based method for detecting slap fingerprint segmentation errors is discussed. The method has better than 95% accuracy for high accuracy segmentors from the NIST SlapSegII test. As presently structured the method provides a widely applicable technique for doing miss analysis on biometric algorithms that is independent of knowledge of algorithm details.


IDTP's team take advantage of their expertise and working knowledge to find new and innovative ways to improve and advance identity technologies.


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Mutual Registration Access Control Architecture - Government (MR-PIV™)

Mutual Registration Access Control Architecture - Commercial

Learn more about MR-PIV™.

Presentations and Briefings

Our industry leaders, scientists, and engineers regularly present at identity and biometric conferences and industry events.

Winter Biometric Summit in Miami on March 3, 2014

“Implementing Biometrics – A Step-by-Step Process to Ensure Project Success”

Walter Hamilton provided a workshop session at the 2014 Winter Biometric Summit. In this presentation Mr. Hamilton addresses the unique challenges for integrating biometrics into new and existing systems.

IAI AFIS - International Assn. for Identification’s Annual AFIS Meeting 2009, Gaithersburg, MD

“Effect of Image Quality on IAFIS Performance”

Charles Wilson presents results of his study of NFIQ data as it relates to AFIS matcher performance. Subtitled “Taking the Mystery Out of AFIS Performance Measurement”, Mr. Wilson discusses the issue of image quality and its impact on AFIS matching speed and accuracy.


Gilles Lisimaque presents a smart card application architecture referred to as Mutual Registration - Personal Identity Verification (MR-PIV), initially designed to solve the challenges of managing interoperability and secure physical access control for the government Homeland Security Presidential Directive -12 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) smart card program. Mr. Lisimaque describes the concepts of strong authentication and how MR-PIV can enable a credential to be used in any number of PACS for secure entry, while supporting the local system operations, policies and secure access protocols of each. Mutual Registration is an application architecture that can be used anywhere smart cards are employed with multiple PACS systems.

Smart Card Alliance - Smart Cards in Government Conference 2007, Washington, DC

“Managing the Contactless Interface and Biometrics” as it pertains to PIV

Walter Hamilton presents the fundamentals of biometric authentication and its applications for personal identity assurance. Mr. Hamilton discusses key biometric function and performance elements, as well as the components that comprise a biometric system and how they work.

“Best Practices for the Use of RF-Enabled Technology In ID Management”

Gilles Lisimaque provides an informative discussion that clarifies the relationship between the aspects of security and privacy in an authentication infrastructure. Mr. Lisimaque uses creative graphics to illustrate the differences between Privacy Protection and Security, including considerations for effectively implementing RFID systems like contactless smartcards and readers.

American Association of Port Authorities - Port Operations, Safety and IT Seminar, Jacksonville, FL

“Biometrics 101”

Walter Hamilton presents the fundamentals of biometric authentication and its applications for personal identity assurance. Mr. Hamilton discusses key biometric function and performance elements, as well as the components that comprise a biometric system and how they work.

FNS National EBT Director’s Conference, Philadelphia, PA

“Smart Cards in Government Programs Overview”

Gilles Lisimaque profiles the various federal smart card initiatives and provides program credential features, outlines the program challenges and lessons learned. Mr. Lisimaque explains the core relationships between identity and privilege in a secure trust model, and discusses technology trends and market influences with regard to smart cards and their applications.

RSA Conference 2007, San Francisco, CA

“Laws For Secure Credentialing”

Gilles Lisimaque and Dave Auman, along with Steve Howard, present an educational seminar on strong identity assurance and the application of technology in a modern credentialing system. The team uses creative visuals to dissect a glossary of terms that includes attributes, privileges, privacy, consent, mutual authentication, PKI, trust, etc., and illustrates their vital interrelationships in a secure authentication scheme. The proposed CenterLink PLAID protocol v5 is described as an example of a contactless authentication model.