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Identity Systems Testing and Evaluation

IDTP provides independent testing and evaluation services that leverage our expertise in smart cards, biometrics, and access control systems. Advanced biometric identity and credentialing programs rely on technology and system performance. IDTP provides testing and evaluation services on smart card credential and biometrics identity devices and systems to provide assurance of performance and operation. Our test services also support the development and selection of effective products and solutions, as well as the maintenance and optimization of system performance in an operational environment. Contact IDTP to discuss your specific testing and evaluation requirements.

Identity Systems Testing

IDTP provides testing services for identity systems and their components, including conformance, durability, integration, and accessibility.

  • Conformance and interoperability

    : third-party independent testing of biometric, forensic, and smart card system components and data for conformance to targeted standards and specifications across physical and logical transmission and application protocol layers. Some examples include conformance testing of smart card readers and embedded ICCs as well as testing of biometric data interchange formats.
  • System integration

    : testing of identity system components before and after integration to determine overall system performance concerns
  • Acceptance testing

    : acceptance and black-box testing to ensure systems and components are performing to the documented requirements and business needs
  • Usability and accessibility

    : testing biometric systems for usability by populations of varied age, gender, ethnicity, and physical capabilities due to illness, social constraints, or disabilities
  • Security and cryptographic

    : module security testing of physical and logical security of smart card chips, operating systems and cryptographic functions to protect smart card code, application data and keying material
  • Product comparison and recommendation

    : technology assessment and selection, comparative product analysis, testing and analysis of biometric and identity products and solutions

See also ID-CAT: IDTP's test tool for TWIC and PIV cards.

Biometric Performance and Quality Testing

IDTP performs unique in-depth standards-compliant biometric performance testing and evaluation including statistical analysis of biometric performance testing results and sample quality metrics.

  • Data collection processes

    : biometric data collection from human subjects in accordance with Institutional Review Board (IRB) procedures for operational, technology, and scenario testing and evaluation
  • Biometric sample quality

    : biometric sample quality assessment using standardized biometric quality metrics such as NIST Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ)
  • Biometric system performance

    : statistically valid data collection using human subjects under Institutional Review Board (IRB) procedures, comprehensive statistical biometric system performance testing and analysis (ISO/IEC 19795 compliant)
  • Biometric enrollment performance testing

    : testing of image capture, segmentation, template generation and formatting for storage and transmission
  • Biometric identification system testing

    : testing of Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) accuracy in identification of a subject through matching against a gallery (database) of subjects
  • Biometric verification performance testing

    : measuring the probability that biometric verification algorithms and systems will correctly identify the true subject and reject an imposter