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Identity Consulting - Program, Administrative, and Legal

IDTP possesses the capabilities to solve some of the toughest identity challenges through our program-scalable identity consulting services ranging from program management to policy and litigation guidance. Our identity subject matter experts are called upon by our clients and industry groups to assist in leading national initiatives; we apply this same industry-leading expertise to assist in program, legal, and administrative needs in the identity, biometrics, and credentialing spaces.

Program and Administrative

Identity applications and technology are pervasive throughout many of today's businesses and government organizations, presenting a need for a wide range of identity-related consulting services. See how our consulting services support identity programs.

  • Program Management

    : We provide full life-cycle program administrative support including assistance with CONOPS, requirements specification, system architecture, and data flow analyses.
  • Market Research

    : Our involvement in diverse identity initiatives gives us insight into the needs of the industry and its stakeholders in the public and private sectors. We provide analysis of identity market trends to enhance technology awareness and understanding, tailored to specific use-cases and identification applications. Our market research also includes technology interoperability studies, standards considerations, and comparative product analysis.
  • Leadership and Representation

    : Our respected subject matter experts are experienced in providing representation in identity industry groups and committees (see our affiliations), as well as leading initiatives at the national and international levels. We leverage our leadership experience to assist in directing our client's identity initiatives.
  • Publications and Reporting

    : IDTP possesses extensive technical writing and reporting skills, gained from our team's experience serving as editors of large publications, generating reports for research, testing, and analysis results, and providing technical documentation for products and services.
  • Training and Education

    : Training end-users, managers, and operators to properly use identity devices and systems; to maintain security and privacy considerations; and to optimize biometric performance results. IDTP team members provide biometric educational sessions and presentations, and have been involved in educational curriculum development, such as the CSCIP course materials. Our expertise has been leveraged and using in educational capacities including FIPS-compliant credential courses.

Legal and Policy

IDTP provides legal consulting services related to identity and biometric technologies and initiatives.

  • Policy

    : We provide foundational identity policy development and analysis support based on knowledge and experience including privacy policy, legal and regulatory compliance, security and protection policy.
  • Litigation

    : IDTP provides litigation consulting in cases where identity or identity management technology expertise is required.