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Identity Technology Standards Support for Domestic and International Initiatives

IDTP is an active, direct participant in biometric, forensic, and credentialing standardization efforts. Our team members have assisted with the development and application of technical identity industry standards since the mid 1990’s. IDTP holds memberships in and contributes expertise to major standards bodies, including serving as committee chairs and technical editors. IDTP also serves as a “standards incubator” to INCITS / M1, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards group for biometrics.

Standards Organizations

IDTP is active in several standards organizations, including NIST, ANSI, and ISO, which help create the mature operational environment to advance emerging identity authentication markets.


    : Subcommittee on Identification Cards and Related Devices

    : Subcommittee and selected Task Groups, including Chair of INCITS TG M1.2 and M1.3 and the international representative to JTC 1 / SC 37
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1 / SC 37

    : International Biometric standards sub-committee

Standards Initiatives

IDTP personnel have been actively involved in several biometric standards groups and initiatives, including:

Standards Editors

IDTP personnel have served or are serving important roles for already published standards as well as some currently under development:

  • ANSI/INCITS 394-2004

    : Border Management Application Profile (technical editor)
  • ANSI/INCITS 383-2004

    : Transportation Workers Identification Card Application Profile (technical co-editor)
  • SC37 ISO/IEC 19785

    : Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (technical editor parts 1, 2 and 3)
  • Government Smart Card

    : Interagency Advisory Board (GSC-IAB) Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 & Special Publication (SP) 800-73, SP 800-76 and SP 800-78 initiatives
  • ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard

    : Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial & Other Biometric Information (1-2007 editor)

Get Involved

IDTP can provide expertise and direction in matters of standards compliance that impact your business or program. If there is an interest to participate in the standards process, contact IDTP to find out how we can assist. Subject areas include biometrics, smart cards, federal credentialing (GSC-IAB, FIPS-201) and guidance in developing conforming implementations.