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Identity Systems Engineering and Research

IDTP's team of engineers and scientist are involved in hands-on identity technology design, implementation, research, and development. Our capabilities range from stand-alone application development to multi-organization ABIS, credentialing, and identity management systems engineering. Through our on-going work initiatives in varied program environments, our team has an in-depth technical understanding of the challenges and restraints that identity authentication technology and systems must overcome.

Systems and Software Engineering

Our engineers provide complete design, implementation, and integration of identity systems and their components, including biometric authentication systems, software applications, and collection devices.

  • Requirements engineering

    : developing use-cases and requirements definition documents for use in identity system design
  • Software engineering and development

    : development of custom desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise identity applications from concept through testing, release, and maintenance
  • User-interface design

    : intuitive and responsive user interface design for the collection, processing, and analysis of biometric data in software applications
  • Large-scale database

    : engineering services for AFIS and ABIS large-scale identification systems
  • System Integration

    : integrating and optimizing biometric and smart card system components, including readers and SDKs, to meet the specific needs of the identity program requirements
  • Image processing

    : processing of biometric sample images for feature extraction, quality assessment, and spoofing or attack detection
  • Algorithm development

    : implementing and optimizing biometric matching algorithms and statistical models in software systems

Technology Research and Development

IDTP embraces opportunities to research and develop novel approaches to improving identity and biometric technologies to better meet the needs of the industry. See our identity library for publications highlighting some of our research.

  • Technology research

    : study of existing identity technologies, specifications, and solutions to discover defects and vulnerabilities; provide recommendations and alternative solutions to address identified problems
  • Technology development

    : development of new identity solutions that improve existing technologies, such as MR-PIV™