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ID-CAT™ TWIC Card Analysis Tool

The ID-CAT™ TWIC Card Analysis Tool provides powerful analytical features to check card performance and diagnose errors in the electronic environment of the TWIC smart card. With the ID-CAT™ for TWIC, an operator can quickly confirm how a TWIC card is working on both its contact and contactless interfaces.

Evaluate TWIC and PIV cards

Confidently identify card related issues. The ID-CAT™ is designed to quickly inspect and report card errors. The ID-CAT™ is easy to use. The simple operator interface automatically inspects the smart card and displays results in seconds. It also records its activities in a retrievable audit log of session history, including a note entry feature. The ID-CAT™ is engineered in compliance to the PIV and TWIC technical standards. The ID-CAT™ is a powerful tool to ensure that these identity credentials are properly issued, and that electronic communication channels are functioning. Card data review and error conditions include:

  • Contact interface connection

  • Contactless interface connection

  • Card activation

  • PIN block

  • Reference biometric formats and image quality

  • Cryptographic operations

  • Card authentication keys

  • Card authentication certificates

  • TWIC Privacy Key (TPK)

  • 125.5kHz proximity interface