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Identity Support for Government

IDTP has proudly supported government identity initiatives since the firm's founding, providing consulting and engineering services to some of the largest identification programs in the U.S. Our team has been instrumental in assisting government agencies to develop appropriate and effective program specifications, CONOPS, system architectures and performance testing as a solid foundation for advanced Identity Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) programs. We also continue to provide technical design and operational performance expertise specific to advanced biometrics systems (e.g. AFIS and other modalities) seeking to optimize their effectiveness in integrated systems for forensic and national security solutions.

IDTP's GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract Number is GS-07F-5866R. IDTP performs work under three Special Item Numbers (SIN):

  • SIN 246-52/334512

    : Total Solution Support Products for Facilities Management Systems
  • SIN 531519ICAM

    : Identity and Access Management Professional Services
  • SIN 54151S

    : Information Technology Professional Services

Identity in Government

  • HSPD-12 and FIPS-201

    : derived identity needs including PIV, TWIC, and other identity credentials for U.S. government
  • Investigative and Forensic

    : FBI AFIS and NGI for criminal and civilian investigation and background checks, law enforcement biometric data capture, processing, and transmission
  • Defense and Military

    : DOD ABIS, threat assessment, detainee processing, terrorist identification, military applications
  • Homeland Security

    : transportation security, immigration and border patrol, terrorist watch list, citizen travel, U.S. visitors
  • Commerce

    : biometric standardization, inter-agency identity management and communication

    : Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) program support